Which god is God? Is it Allah, Jehovah, is it Abba, Yahweh, and by the way, how about Buddha, is he a God? Seems to me believers are blinded by their own blinders. Forgetaboutit─ how about me? Iím Megagogogone. I can be everywhere and no where at the same time. Now you see me now you donít. My bud, jonnyola, heís a born again Christian. Heís a real piece of work, bless his heart. He thinks his god canít, not love him! What? ─a god who canít do something? I say, give Christ a break─ save yourself. Iím tired of all those gods that seem all too human, angry, and jealous, burning souls in hell, talk about a carbon foot print, and, cruel enough to crucify an only son to make a point─ Christ, whatĎs that all about? I wonder is it any wonder there is no peace on earth. Have you ever wondered why praying to a rock has the same PAR, that is to say, prayer answer index, as praying to any of the gods? Anyone who wants to talk god with me, better have some well thought out comments here on this forum ─ faith doesnít hack it. For a private discussion, contact me directly. I shall not smite thee─ even though I can.

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