No offense meant here, Iím a JAP, Jewish American Prince. My friends call me credhulk, donít ask me why. Maybe itís because I have no credibility and Iím fat, so what. I believe the soul enters the fetus on conception, but if my girl friend ever gets pregnant, I believe in abortion. So what, Iím a hypocrite. And while Iím at it, I hate all Republicans, but I love Studs Turtle, Heís our mascot, a Democrat, the only pet I know older than his owner ─ thatís me. Anyone who wants to defend Republicans here on this forum, ─ try. If you are too afraid in a public forum, contact me directly. Oh, and I love chopped liver, and matzah brei, but only my mothers. I have used some good products in my day. Check them out under my name here. One more politically incorrect thing, marymatrix has nice boobs!

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