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Iím, donít laugh, Studs Turtle. Now, slooooow down, and donít even ask my age. Just follow slowly and Iíll let you know how to get in touch with everyone about and anything on this site. For general inquires send to Information. For Joseph Mastroianni, send to Joseph. Looking for information about a particular product recommended on this site? Send mail to products. We have some characters that love to give their opinions. You might want to send mail to them. The DA, Heís kind of the moderator, and has his own take on things, especially uncommon sense. Then we have the Prince of one word answers, credhulk. He hates Republicans. Jonnyola, is a born again Christian, when heís sober, and he plays a great piano, Julliard trained. Heís so good; he spent five years in the can for hitting some guy with a 2X4. There was no piano in his cell, but when he got out of jail, he could play better than ever, did all his scales and stuff in his more than slightly inflated head. Jmoid is Vietnam veteran, who used to be a hippie in his younger days still, is at heart, but he thinks until everyone plays by the rules, the bad guys need their asses kicked. He is the CEO of Mercy boots, an international mercenary army. The break things and kill people for money, to each his own who am I to judge. Marymatrix is a womanís libber, with a big heart, she really doesnít despise men, she hates men, and she is a left wing nut, but loves Sarah Palin just because Sarahís not a man, and likes what theyíre teaching kids in school these days, go figure. Send your mail to Mary Our resident god, small g, is Megagogogone. There isnít anything she canít do, he even smokes dope, and she is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, now you see her, now you donít. He doesnít believe in heaven or hell. Oh yeah, and sheís also a he─ both at the same time! Send your god mail to He she .There is also a direct line to megagogogone through our friendly operator, centralcontrol. She joined the convent when she had a vision at fourteen years old, after her parents abandoned her and her twelve brothers. She was the oldest, so she sold the kids to a cotton farmer, and is now doing her penance. To contact DamianPress Books send to DamianPress, they distribute Chaconne the novel, and have exclusive rights to the Do-Be Manifesto, more information about it there. If you are still using the U.S. Postal Noservice, or snailphone, see the information below. If you find any problems with links and stuff on this site talk to our webmiester. If you happen to be looking for a hosting company, talk to this guy Stephen at Kionic. Heís the best!

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