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Hurry Hurry! Get your red hot MYRA Now!

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For as little as $25 you can let the government invest your savings for a great return of 2.2%. The government has made a mess of Social Security, the War on Poverty, Education, name it. Now they want to invest your savings, with an executive order, no less, and it will be opt out instead of opt in. The White House has even calculated what will be a sufficient in forty or fifty years. One million will do the trick they say. I wonder what computer model they used to come up with that.

The White House Thinks

Those four words should tell you why President Obama’s executive order named MYRA should be flushed down the toilet. President Obama has decided that $3.2 million is all anyone needs “to fund a reasonable pension in retirement.” Therefore, he wants to limit the tax benefits to those top earners, to 28 percent of what they set aside. 

It Offends Me

It is offensive when government official decides what is best for me. It offends me when our representatives, at any level of government, thinks I am too stupid to know how to invest my savings, It offends me, when the government decides, in the small print, that I must opt out, to keep their paws out of my wallet, or what insurance product I must purchase, which size soft drink I can drink, ad nauseam.



Real Trickle Down Economics

I like Pope Francis

He’s a great guy even if he isn’t Italian, but talk about accumulation of wealth, the Pope reigns at the top of an institution surely in the top 1% of all wealth accumulators in this world. I’d get my house in order, before I began preaching to the world about the inequality of wealth

If I were Pope Mastroianni

The name fits if not the zucchetto. If I were sitting on that treasure chest, having a global network such as the Catholic Church, I’d spend a lot more time, and expend a lot more capital figuring out a way to feed the starving and impoverished Peoples of the world.  

World Social Safety Net

I understand Pope Francis is considering shutting down the IOR (Institute for Religious Work) the Vatican Bank. I have a better idea. Why doesn’t the Vatican become the social safety net for the 168 countries of the world? It could provide assistance to the unable and disabled, single payer healthcare, assistance for the unemployed, and mini-loans to third world country entrepreneurs. Now that would be real trickle down economics.  


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