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Global Freezing

The American Riviera 

Santa Barbara is the American Riviera. Historically, the temperature in Santa Barbara in December averages from a high of 64 F to a low of 57 F. One day in ten the temperature will hit a high of 73 F and a low of 57 F. That’s downright balmy for December anywhere.

Mc Ear Muff’s

Brrrrrrr! Where are my Mc Ear Muff’s? For the last three mornings, the temperature outside my patio door has hovered between 33 and 37 F. Eastern and Northerners shrug that kind of cold off like a wet shaggy dog. Not me. I live in beautiful Santa America’s Riviera. That isn’t supposed to happen here. That’s why I chose to live here. There’s nothing quite like basking in the warm sun on a beautiful beach with a great book, while my friends are freezing their asses off.

Coldest Place on the Planet 

Just when I was getting depressed, I wondered where the temperature could be a lot worse. I warmed myself up by looking for the coldest place on the planet on December 10 2013. I love the Internet. It took only seconds to find it. Not much of a surprise, it was in East Antarctica. What gave me a hot flash was the temperature. It was -137 F 171 degrees colder than outside my patio door. If you ever wondered at what temperature your ass would really freeze off in seconds, it’s about -100 F. I escaped with my ass this morning by a measly 174 degrees. I counted my blessings and thought, where is global warming when we need it?

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