Republicans Take Heat

The Republicans Get Butt’s Kicked by the American Public

Democrats and the President, for the government shut down, in their insistence to repeal the Affordable Care act, and rightly so. Let’s give credit where due, they were way ahead of the curve, pointing out every flaw in the plan before it ever went public, partly because media coverage, or lack thereof. Mostly it was because the President and Democrats were asleep at the wheel, and spending their time taking the Republicans to propaganda school.

The democrats seem to think the midterm elections are going to be a disaster for Republicans. I say the Democrats, the President, and their media yapping media lap poodles will be crying in their Kool-Aid when Republicans take the Senate. They will rue the day the Affordable Care Act was force-fed to the Americans public.

Health care Insurance costs, and the cost of health care are two separate issues. There were problems with Insurance company’s canceling polices when people got sick, not insuring people with preexisting conditions and Republicans did nothing about it. What the President and the Democrats did was to take advantage of their control position to address those issues and why not

Instead of the monster they created, they would have been better off making everyone who was uninsured, or could not afford insurance, eligible for Medicare. Why not, we were already paying for them anyway. It would have increased the cost of Medicare, but we were paying for them anyway. Then they could have fixed the issue of canceled polices and preexisting conditions, allowed the Insurance company’s to compete across State lines, and left the rest of the American people who were happy with their plans alone.

I’ll leave the arithmetic to others, but I’d be willing to bet it would have been far less expensive, than creating another inefficient ineffective bureaucratic monster that we have now. The American public should have learned one thing through all of this. Whether they elect a Democrat or a Republican, they had better find someone who knows how to run a business. That is the only type of person who will know how to deal with sharks. By sharks I mean Wall Street and Multinational corporations on welfare. He’ll be able to fire their asses and say with conviction, get a job.

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