Not all Homeless are Lazy Miscreants

John William Burrows 1934-2012

John William Burrows

John Williams Burrows

When I met him at a local chess club John was homeless. There was an old broken out of tune piano there. I listened as this unshaven unkempt guy stared mindless into a space only he could see, but I could hear. I was astounded. He was playing his own compositions.  John had just been released from prison. His journey from Julliard in the East, to a Central California prison in the West defined his life.

We Struck a Conversation

While drinking on a California beach, a buddy of his  was verbally trashing John’s girlfriend, John smacked him in the head with a 2 X 4. John then carried the guy up a steep cliff and took him to the hospital. When asked what happened, he told the truth. John was arrested and spent five years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. There was no piano. When I asked how he had spent five years without a piano, yet played as if he’d practiced every day, he said, “I practiced in my head.”

Our Justice System

This Christmas, give a thought to the most unfortunate among us. Think about the how our Justice  system creates criminals. I cannot condone John’s violent actions. I can empathize with those who through bad representation, and the inherent unfairness in the system. Those years in prison may have turned John Burrows into a homeless, angry, self-destructive man. It could never imprison his soul. The précis of John William Burrows life lies in one of his quotes.  “You can run out all else, but you don’t want to run out of friends.” John was my friend.

The Music of John Burrows

On the day before he died, John told me, “God’s gift to the composer is the magic of melody and to the performer goes the passion.” Listen to the soul of John Burrows.

Global Freezing

The American Riviera 

Santa Barbara is the American Riviera. Historically, the temperature in Santa Barbara in December averages from a high of 64 F to a low of 57 F. One day in ten the temperature will hit a high of 73 F and a low of 57 F. That’s downright balmy for December anywhere.

Mc Ear Muff’s

Brrrrrrr! Where are my Mc Ear Muff’s? For the last three mornings, the temperature outside my patio door has hovered between 33 and 37 F. Eastern and Northerners shrug that kind of cold off like a wet shaggy dog. Not me. I live in beautiful Santa America’s Riviera. That isn’t supposed to happen here. That’s why I chose to live here. There’s nothing quite like basking in the warm sun on a beautiful beach with a great book, while my friends are freezing their asses off.

Coldest Place on the Planet 

Just when I was getting depressed, I wondered where the temperature could be a lot worse. I warmed myself up by looking for the coldest place on the planet on December 10 2013. I love the Internet. It took only seconds to find it. Not much of a surprise, it was in East Antarctica. What gave me a hot flash was the temperature. It was -137 F 171 degrees colder than outside my patio door. If you ever wondered at what temperature your ass would really freeze off in seconds, it’s about -100 F. I escaped with my ass this morning by a measly 174 degrees. I counted my blessings and thought, where is global warming when we need it?

Real Trickle Down Economics

I like Pope Francis

He’s a great guy even if he isn’t Italian, but talk about accumulation of wealth, the Pope reigns at the top of an institution surely in the top 1% of all wealth accumulators in this world. I’d get my house in order, before I began preaching to the world about the inequality of wealth

If I were Pope Mastroianni

The name fits if not the zucchetto. If I were sitting on that treasure chest, having a global network such as the Catholic Church, I’d spend a lot more time, and expend a lot more capital figuring out a way to feed the starving and impoverished Peoples of the world.  

World Social Safety Net

I understand Pope Francis is considering shutting down the IOR (Institute for Religious Work) the Vatican Bank. I have a better idea. Why doesn’t the Vatican become the social safety net for the 168 countries of the world? It could provide assistance to the unable and disabled, single payer healthcare, assistance for the unemployed, and mini-loans to third world country entrepreneurs. Now that would be real trickle down economics.  


Filibuster Rule Change

After ramming the rule change through the majority controlled senate, Reid said that President Obama has been filibustered more times than all other Presidents combined and it had to be stopped. Did it ever occur to him that the President’s policies may be the worst of all former Presidentss combined?

The filibuster is the only tool available for a minority, who believe the President, and the majority in the Senate, are taking the country in the wrong direction. It is the opposition’s job to stop the train before it becomes more a train wreck than it already is.

Democrat Mince Meat Machine

America is Beginning to See Exactly What This Country Needs

America needs a CEO who knows how to efficiently run a large complex company. One who knows what it takes to make tons of money for its shareholders, the difference? The American people would be the shareholders.

The Affordable Care Act

The law is a reflection of what the President is at his core. He is community organizer, who can’t organize his administration, and doesn’t know one end of a checkbook from the other. Bottom line, America got the wrong end of a blank check.


The Preident’s Blitzkrieg

Lets get ready to rumble!

Get ready America; here comes the Obama green machine, with David “Flakes” Corn, of Mother Jones, Arianna “Huff’n Puff” the Huffington Post, and a host of media pin heads. On the left, we have Chris “chills up my leg” Matthews and Bill Makes his Own Rules”  Mahr, On the right, Bill “Poo” O’Reilly, Sean “Blow Hard”  Hannity, and the  Ann the “Blond Bomb” Coulter.  The president will turn on the charm to run his second political campaign in a year. This time, re-sell Obama care to the American public. It will be interesting to watch.

Selling old Work Boots on the Ground to a Lion

Or, maybe a zebra? You’ve heard it before, fool me once. The president will be trying to sell a hungry lion, teased with Charles”Red Meat” Shumer, a pair of old leather work boots. President Obama may have forgotten what he learned in community organizing school. He seems to have turned President Kennedy’s metaphor on its head. It’s not, ask what the government can do for you, it’s, ask, what the government is doing to you?  Will Americans bite for the third time? Are they too stupid, as Democrats seem to think, to see they’ve been duped? Stay tuned.



Republic not Democracy

Do you wonder why our government is not listening to the American people? Our representatives have turned the tables on us. They and many Americans seem to have forgotten. The Founders created a Republic. Their intention was not to prevent the government from being overthrown by the people. It was to protect the people from the Tyranny of Government.

Republicans Take Heat

The Republicans Get Butt’s Kicked by the American Public

Democrats and the President, for the government shut down, in their insistence to repeal the Affordable Care act, and rightly so. Let’s give credit where due, they were way ahead of the curve, pointing out every flaw in the plan before it ever went public, partly because media coverage, or lack thereof. Mostly it was because the President and Democrats were asleep at the wheel, and spending their time taking the Republicans to propaganda school.

The democrats seem to think the midterm elections are going to be a disaster for Republicans. I say the Democrats, the President, and their media yapping media lap poodles will be crying in their Kool-Aid when Republicans take the Senate. They will rue the day the Affordable Care Act was force-fed to the Americans public.

Health care Insurance costs, and the cost of health care are two separate issues. There were problems with Insurance company’s canceling polices when people got sick, not insuring people with preexisting conditions and Republicans did nothing about it. What the President and the Democrats did was to take advantage of their control position to address those issues and why not

Instead of the monster they created, they would have been better off making everyone who was uninsured, or could not afford insurance, eligible for Medicare. Why not, we were already paying for them anyway. It would have increased the cost of Medicare, but we were paying for them anyway. Then they could have fixed the issue of canceled polices and preexisting conditions, allowed the Insurance company’s to compete across State lines, and left the rest of the American people who were happy with their plans alone.

I’ll leave the arithmetic to others, but I’d be willing to bet it would have been far less expensive, than creating another inefficient ineffective bureaucratic monster that we have now. The American public should have learned one thing through all of this. Whether they elect a Democrat or a Republican, they had better find someone who knows how to run a business. That is the only type of person who will know how to deal with sharks. By sharks I mean Wall Street and Multinational corporations on welfare. He’ll be able to fire their asses and say with conviction, get a job.

Americans Are Not Being Truly Represented

The primary reason is Citizen Participation. 40% of eligible voters don’t vote. Therefore, 60% of Americans control the elections. If 90% of the voters voted, we’d be a lot closer to true representation. The next step would be to make those idiots in Washington, change the law. Corporations don’t eat, think and shit with their brains, like our representatives do. Corporations are not people, and not entitled to the rights provided in the Constitution.

We need to compel Congress to change that law. It is not “We the Corporation.” IT IS “WE THE PEOPLE.”

Hurry Hurry! Get your red hot MYRA Now!

Sign up now!

For as little as $25 you can let the government invest your savings for a great return of 2.2%. The government has made a mess of Social Security, the War on Poverty, Education, name it. Now they want to invest your savings, with an executive order, no less, and it will be opt out instead of opt in. The White House has even calculated what will be a sufficient in forty or fifty years. One million will do the trick they say. I wonder what computer model they used to come up with that.

The White House Thinks

Those four words should tell you why President Obama’s executive order named MYRA should be flushed down the toilet. President Obama has decided that $3.2 million is all anyone needs “to fund a reasonable pension in retirement.” Therefore, he wants to limit the tax benefits to those top earners, to 28 percent of what they set aside. 

It Offends Me

It is offensive when government official decides what is best for me. It offends me when our representatives, at any level of government, thinks I am too stupid to know how to invest my savings, It offends me, when the government decides, in the small print, that I must opt out, to keep their paws out of my wallet, or what insurance product I must purchase, which size soft drink I can drink, ad nauseam.



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