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Thank you for visiting The Devils Advocate. I'm, the DA I even have a son named Damian! This site is about uncommon sense. Yeah, uncommon sense may not be common, but it is simple as ABC. I'd like to share what I've learned about it. I'd like you to contribute what you know about uncommon sense, nonsense, no sense and incense, with everyone who visits this site. Visit the Devils Advocate Blog.

My rules are quite simple. Whatever your opinion, beliefs, or political proclivity, if someone disagrees, it doesn't mean they are stupid. Another thing, see that Kionic logo at the bottom of the page? Those guys host my site. I always do my homework, and they are the best I could find. The people are friendly, helpful, talk on the phone, live! No wonder, they come from Wichita - where in hell is that?

I will never recommend anything I haven't used, or thoroughly researched. My reputation is the most important thing I own besides the 666 sign above my bed. And another thing, anything written or viewed on this site can be reproduced copied and distributed without permission, unless it is copy written.

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