I'm the D A, here to pull the plug. That's my job, to push buttons, pull chains, flush toilets, and pull the plug, the intimate plug.

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Thank you for visiting the Devils Advocate. The site is under construction and your patience is appreciated. When complete the site will be focused on having a discussion about uncommon sense. I'm striving to make it a great place to visit for some fun, good interesting and helpful tools, information about all kinds of good stuff, and also recommendations about products you can trust. There will be open discussion on the blog with my cast of characters, credhulk, johnnyola, jmoid, marymatrix, megagogogone, a god who can be everywhere, and nowhere at the same time, and centralcontrol, our direct connection to god, small g.

It's as if people seem to think science and technology have made common sense obsolete. In fact common sense is about as common as a whistling pig in ballet tights. My cast of characters will be giving their take on uncommon sense and their views on religion, politics, philosophy, issues of the day, and uncommon sense for every day living. They will blow your mind if you don't take them too seriously. Then, there's my take. By the way, my boss wrote the book below, check it out!

Tim Smith
DMA Professor of Music Theory Northern Arizona University

"A masterpiece, Milo's world comes alive in vibrant and earthy language finding redemption and peace in Bach.s immortal Chaconne, a beautiful and gripping novel--a spiritual work."

Claire Cain Miller is a freelance journalist based in Berkeley, California. She has published in The New York Times Book Review, Grist Magazine, and the East Bay Express.

Clair Cain Miller interviews the author.

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COMING SOON Everything you need to know about common sense, nonsense, what makes sense, and what doesn't.

Translation, and revelations from an ancient scroll that will change your life. Learn about self helplessness. George Carlin asks the question, and I paraphrase. If it's supposed to be self help, why do you need help getting it?

No doubt you've read your share of old, middle, new-age books, you know the ones; Jonathan's Dead Seagull, Chicken Poop for the Soup, the Celestine Made a Profit, the Giveaninchy Code, the Secret Secret, and you still don't get it. You need this book.

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